Saturday, February 10, 2018

February 12th, Newsletter

Tuesday we will celebrate Valentine’s Day, at 2:00.  I have valentine bags the students will decorate and collect cards/treats in. No need to send one in.

If you volunteered to bring in something for the party, you can send it in Monday or Tuesday.

We will take our spelling test on Friday of the same words from last week . I will not send home new sight words or reading homework as well.

We will continue to work towards 100 addition facts in 5minutes. If you need additional practice sheets please let me know.

Chapel on Wednesday will be a special Ash Wednesday service at 10:00.  The service is open to all.   Please join us if you can.

Please continue to send in the shirt boxes, just top or bottom is needed.  If you want to send in both parts, please do so.  There are some that will need a box and they can use it. 

Thursday will be our  “Jump Rope for Heart” event  . More information to come.

February 19-20-No school (Winter Break)

Monday, February 5, 2018


2nd graders along with the 1st grade will be singing at the 5:00 service this Saturday. Please look for a note from Mrs. Bante with all the details to be sent home later this week.

Thank you for all who signed up so quickly on the Sign Up Genius link to help us celebrate Valentine’s Day next week.  Mrs. LoDuca will bring in peanut free ice cream. 

Keep practicing addition and subtraction facts at home. A few minutes two to three times a week is all it takes to build up speed and accuracy!

Please be sure recess attire is still being sent in to school.

Chapel offerings for this month are going to LCMS.  Students have a little box they fill each week with coins, they can bring in the coins in a zip lock bag on chapel days.  You can keep the box at home.

We will be making a landform box in class next week.  Please send in a shirt sized box bottom  with your child by next Monday, February 12th.  They just need the bottom of the box. 

Jump Rope for Heart is Thursday, February 15th. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Water Cycle in a Bag

Check out our water cycle in a bag science investigation.  On sunny days we can see the water warm  up and evaporate.  As it cools it changes back into a liquid (condenses) just like a cloud.  The condensed water droplets slide back down the bag as precipitation.

Sunday, January 28, 2018


This Sunday is Open House and the 8th grade Pancake breakfast. If you know anyone who may be interested in attending Trinity next year please be sure to tell them to stop by!


Colder temperatures are expected this week. Please make sure to send your child with all he/she will need to play outside. (snow pants, boots, hat and gloves)


Keep practicing with the 100 addition fact practice pages I sent home last week. If you need additional copies let me know.  We are moving on to subtraction timed tests this week, so please study these with your child (minus 1 and 0 facts only this week).


Just a reminder, please take a few minutes to review memory work with your child so they can recite it on Friday.  J


Primary Praise Choir (grades 1-2) Sings on Saturday, February 10, @ 5:00 worship.

Jump Rope for Hearts